February Meeting 2/12/2018

February is usually pretty cold, warm up with some conversation and meeting some new people.

Monday, February 12th at 7:30PM.

This month one of our dads, Ron Elkins, with his Ex-wife Diane, will be sharing their story with the group.

Ron and Diane met on Thursday, Dec 29, 1977 and were married 5 years later. 17 years into their marriage, Ron came to terms that he was gay and came out Diane shortly after. They stayed together for a few years before going through a horrible separation divorce.

It was many years later they met for lunch and the start of mending their relationship began. Since that time, they have rebuilt a friendship, an appreciation and love for one another including Ron’s partner Richard, Diane, her boyfriend, and all of their combined kids and have become one big loving and caring family unit.

Ron and Diane are looking forward to sharing their story with the group.

Center on Halsted, second floor.

The Center is at the corner of Halsted and Waveland, in the Lakeview neighborhood. 3658 N Halsted St. There is an entrance to the Center from the Whole Foods on the first floor, if you prefer a less visible entrance to the Center.

After the meeting, if the spirits move us closer to quaffing spirits, we’ll choose a nearby place.

Everything we do focuses on supporting Gay Fathers, from supportive listening, to peer-led focus on the issues of coming out, raising children, growing up gay in a straight world, and building and maintaining healthy, authentic relationships.

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