'Mean Girls' Star Johnathan Bennett Marries Jaymes Vaughan, Hints At Kids

Congratulations to ‘Mean Girls’ actor Johnathan Bennett and his new husband television host Jaymes Vaughan, who tied the knot in Mexico last weekend after dating for five years. 

After the ceremony, the couple said that their wedding was not just about them; it was about the entire LGBTQ+ community. And maybe it's just us, but it seems like Vaughan may have dropped a hint that the couple want to become dads some day.


40-year-old Bennett and 38-year-old Vaughan said their vows in front of a group of more than 100 friends and family at the Unico Riviera Maya Hotel on Saturday, according to NBC.

Bennett later shared a photo on his Instagram that showed the couple walking down the aisle together after they said “I do,” captioned “Mr & Mr Bennett Vaughan.”

“It was honestly a dream wedding!” Bennett told People. “We kept having to stop and remind ourselves that we weren’t on a movie set, but this was actually our real life. If you had told me this was one of my Hallmark movie sets, I would have believed it. It was that perfect.”

Vaughan said they knew from the start they wanted their whole wedding party to be gender-neutral, and instead of Groomsmen or Bridesmaids they simply referred to everyone as their “Bests.”

"When you're part of the LGBTQ+ fam, not everything in the wedding space is for you yet," Vaughan said.

"The whole purpose of our wedding is to come together and join the two of us together, join our families together, and start a new family,” he added, sparking rumors that the couple may want to one day have kids and join the GWK community!

“As we were going through this process, we realized that our wedding is also more than just about us," Bennett added. "It's about the entire community."

In honor of the entire queer community, the wedding had a gender-neutral dress code. Bennett and Vaughn invited all their friends and family to express themselves however they wanted, as long as their outfit was either a white dress (in homage to Bennett’s late mother, so he could feel her presence on the big day,) or a tuxedo.

"It's gender-neutral, but everyone looks represented and feels sexy in their own way," Bennett told People. "So it's like a new tradition for the community. You don't have to do dresses and tuxes. Anyone who wants to wear a tux, wear a tux, go for it."


On their big day, the two grooms strolled in from a nearby beach and met each other at the altar while listening to an original song Vaughan had written to propose to Bennett in late 2020.

They each wrote their own vows, exchanged diamond-encrusted Kay Jewelers rings, and the ceremony was officiated by Bennett’s friend YouTube star Brian Tyler Cohen, according to NBC.

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